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Ryan McPhun and The Ruby SunsSelf titled

In early 2005, Ryan McPhun finished his first album, which takes equal levels of inspiration from the modern indie DYI approach and the grandiose productions of the 60s and 70s. The album has created an ablation zone, which stretches from Ryan's prevarication about which shipping company to use on, "Look Out Sos!" to the empathetic story of a lone Kenyan zebra in "Maasai Mara" or the amalgamation of a skateboard wheel and a non-electric vacuum cleaner on "Trepidation Pt2." With the band complete and an impressive array of synthesizers on hand, the glacial terminus (or face) of the Ruby Suns is now ready to advance - a process which will be cumulative as more snow and ice amass (assuming the layers of ice melt at a slow enough rate).

1. Trees Like Kids
2. Sleep In The Garden
3. Maasai Mara
4. Look Out SOS!
5. Function Of The Sun
6. It's Hard To Let You Know
7. Criterion
8. Birthday On Mars
9. Trepidation Part One
10. Trepidation Part Two
11. My Ten Years On Auto-Pilot
12. There's Soup At The End Of The Tunnel

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