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RhombusFuture Reference

From the talented crew that brought you 'Bass Player' comes Future Reference.Rhombus impress yet again with a fusion of styles as diverse as the band themselves.Album credits on 'Future Reference' represent a who's who in the local music scene along with the irie rhyming styles of Charlie "Rastone" Parker (from West Africa) spreading the word on the track 'True rub-a-dub love style", The main lineup in Rhombus remains constant throughout; Thomas Voyce, Simon Rycroft, Koa Williams and Ahmen Mahal, ably assisted by their much loved MCs Mana and Antsman and vocalist Raashi Malik, who all appeared on first release 'Bass Player'. Warmly welcomed in the Rhombus family is Lisa Tomlins, whose soulful vocal style blends beautifully with the talented arrangements of musicmakers Simon and Thomas. From the opening introduction on the album recorded in Japan to the last track, a sublime rework of a traditional Rajasthan folk song "Sojare" sung by Raashi Malik, this album is guaranteed to hit the spot as it travels through the hearts and minds of all who listen to it.

Recorded during 2003 and the latter part of 2004, mixed at Galaxy Bus Studios in Wellington, and mastered by none other than George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, USA in January 2005. Future Reference is a stand out piece of work from a collective who continue to expand their listeners horizons.

1. Jiro
2. Mile High
3. Future Reference
4. Haver
5. Together
6. Interlude 1
7. Pocket Full Of Seconds
8. Swans
9. Soul
10. Cloudkicks
11. Interlude 11
12. True Rub-a-dub style
13. Scorching Bay
14. Spread Love
15. Sojare

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