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Pitch BlackHalfway: between ape & angel

With Halfway: between ape & angel Pitch Black offer a diverse range of musical styles created from the beats, noises and sounds of their third album Ape to Angel. Maintaining the original Pitch Black grooves and dub fxs, the broad range of remix artists have deliciously layered the beats and influences of deep tech, drum & bass and ambient rhythms to their tunes.
Featuring remixes by local and international artists including Blue Tech, Agent Alvin, Ithz, Max and Bluey, Switch & pZ, Friends Electric, OG, Module and Peakshift amongst others.

1. Ape to Angel - Bluetech
2. The Random Smiler - OG
3. Freefall - Fiord
4. Big Trouble Upstairs - Max + Bluey
5. Freefall - Friend Electric
6. Flex - Peak Shift
7. Elements Turn - Switch + pZ
8. Feefall - Ithz
9. Elements Turn - Agent Alvin
10. Empty Spaces Missing Units - Module
11. Freefall - Alucidination

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