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SoundtrackTopless Women talk about their lives

Music is a central part of Topless Women, and director Harry Sinclair mined the Flying Nun catalogue for songs throughout the movie. This followed on from the process of getting a song for each of the 41 four-minute episodes that comprised the original Topless Women Talk About Their Lives TV series.Harry's selection of songs for this soundtrack album picks through the wealth of Flying Nun material that made it into the movie and TV series. A prime consideration was to make the 14 song soundtrack album cohesive, and he certainly achieves that through leaning on the considerable talents of the 3Ds (three tracks), The Clean, Superette, and Straitjacket Fits (two each), and classics from the Bats, Snapper, the Chills, and Chris Knox.
A bit of loving re-mastering has helped bring out the best in older tracks. Overall, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives is a Flying Nun compilation as strong as the now famous Tuatara, In Love With These Times and PopEyed. Even if you don't catch the movie - which you should, by the way - take a dip into Flying Nun's vaults with this superb soundtrack album, packed with gems deserving of attention in their own right.

Hey Seuss - The 3ds
North By North - The Bats
Anything Could Happen - The Clean
Animal - The 3ds
Saskatchewan - Superette
Buddy - Snapper
I Love My Leather Jacket - Chills
Down In Splendour - Straitjacket Fits
Point That Thing - The Clean
Waves - Superette
She Speeds - Straitjacket Fits
Fish - The Clean
Spooky - The 3ds
Not Given Lightly - Chris Knox

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