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SoundtrackI'll make you happy

Iíll Make You Happy is a comedy about Siggy, a teenage bad girl who lives and works in Aucklandís red light district. Her best friends are hookers who dream of getting off the streets and a flatmate who longs for Tibet. Siggy discovers her pimp is aiming to raise a large amount of money through a drug deal. Seizing the moment, she decides to hijack his money-making scheme so that she and her friends can achieve their dreams.Iíll Make You Happy brings together some of New Zealandís finest acting talent, including Rena Owen (Once Were Warriors), Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Desperate Remedies) Ian Hughes (Topless Women Talk About Their Lives), Michael Hurst, Lucy Lawless, Raybon Kan and Jodie Rimmer as Siggy.The soundtrack album leans heavily on the electro rock side of things with a strong showing of local artists alongside a few foreign legends.From the more recent tracks by HDU, the Hitlist and HLAH to the old (the classic "Pulsing" by the Body Electric, the Skepticsí "Turnover") and something in between (Kog Transmissionís Baitercell & Miz Ima Starr attacking the Push Push hit "Trippiní"!) the New Zealand-produced tracks are a diverse bunch.

The Speedy J re-mix of Depeche Modeís "Itís No Good" also appears alongside New Orderís hit "World" and New Yorkís influential noise-makers Suicide with their 1977 electro-punk classic, "Cheree".Looking back even further we have the La De Daís with "Donít Stand In My Way" and thereís one other golden oldie as the title track, the Easybeatsí "Iíll Make You Happy", is re-done by Fiona McDonald and her former Headless Chickens bandmate Michael Lawry.

Fourteen great tracks from a top NZ comedy film.
1. Bare Bones "Fey"
2. Depeche Mode "Itís No Good" (Speedy J mix)
3. Skeptics "Turnover"
4. High Dependency Unit "Lull"
5. Baitercell & Miz Ima Starr "Trippiní"
6. Rita Le Quesne & Rex Vizible "Long Gone"
7. La De Daís "Donít Stand In My Way"
8. Peter Stuyvesant Hitlist "K Road"
9. Suicide "Cheree"
10. Angus McNaughton "Cooperís World"
11. New Order "World" (Perfecto mix)
12. HLAH "Wet Rubber"
13. Fiona McDonald "Iíll Make You Happy"
14. Body Electric "Pulsing"

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