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Finn BrothersEveryone is here

Used item .Very good condition

Friends and allies were called in to help as the album grew from Piha Beach to London and Los Angeles. In the engine room there’s Matt Chamberlain (David Bowie/Macy Gray) on drums and Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing) on bass; Jon Brion (Grant Lee Phillips/Fiona Apple/Badly Drawn Boy) appears on guitars, keyboards and face scratching. The band were recorded by Adam Kasper (Queens Of The Stone Age/Pearl Jam). Tony Visconti (Bowie/T-Rex/McCartney) arranged some string parts – you’ll hear him on ‘Disembodied Voices’ playing mandolin, double bass and throat singing; Geoff Maddock (Goldenhorse) from New Zealand arranged strings for ‘Edible Flowers’. BJ Cole offers pedal steel on ‘Homesick’, Don McGlashan (The Mutton birds) played euphonium on ‘All The Colours’. Mitchell Froom (Crowded House/Los Lobos) lent his production skills. Bob Clearmountain was called in to mix, and it was the first time the Finns, Froom and Clearmountain had been in a room together since Woodface. “Mitchell Froom was someone we’d spoken about in terms of keyboards; maybe getting him to play on a couple of things,” Tim says. “We saw him soon after we came to LA. We played him material and I’ll never forget it. In the space of a few hours he gave very precise opinions on every song. He became a producer on the project, but it was more like a friend helping out two other friends, with great authority and intuition. He knows us both so well. He’s worked with both of us individually and together. He’s creates this great level space.” Everyone Is Here offers an intense emotional journey. There’s blood and oxygen pumping around the heart of these tunes. The songs are fresh and operate at a more consistent emotional depth than anything the brothers have previously done. “It involves a recurrence of ideas,” Tim explains of the magic. “It’s about embracing the simple classic elements that you’ve always loved.”

1. Won't Give In
2. Nothing Wrong With You
3. Anything Can Happen
4. Luckiest Man Alive
5. Homesick
6. Disembodied Voices
7. A Life Between Us
8. All God's Children
9. Edible Flowers
10. All Of The Colours
11. Part Of Me, Part Of You
12. Gentle Hum

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