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Direen ,BillNew York Sack

1992 New York recordings finally see release in 2006!

NB:this is an official release but is only available as a CDR with printed label and insert etc - looks and sounds just dandy!

"I wrote a bunch of songs on guitar in a New York hotel during a tough two months, then hired a studio in Manhatten to record with the band with no name - three kiwis and three New Yorkers. Hamish Kilgour, Allen Meek, Tony O'Blaney(NY), Lisa Siegel(NY), Liz Silver(NY), and guest Steve Cournane. Graeme Downes and his soundman Victor Grbic dropped in to lend a hand with the sound and a complete album was finished before I returned to NZ. The songs were never released commercially. So here they are, together at last as they should be -- Twelve Songs: The New York Sack."

1.Always be round
4.Nil nil
5.Dark hands
7.How the south was won
8.Nutshell of love
10.Kamikaze hearts
11.Ozone angels

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