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Breathing CageSpilt Milk

Please note: although this is an official licensed release ,this cd is produced on CDR.The license holders, Failsafe ,have mastered the recording and the sound quality and artwork are excellent.

Fantastic compilation of Jay Clarkson songs recorded by her late 1980s band Breathing Cage.
Jay formed Breathing Cage after the demise of They were Expendable in the mid 80s. Breathing Cage won the Rheineck Rock award in 1989 which gave them $44,000 to record an album, Misericord. Misericord was received well although many criticised it for being 'over produced'. This compilation contains the pre Misericord demos and some early 4 track recordings , as well as previously unreleased and live tracks. Liner notes by Jay Clarkson.

1.Memory lane
2.Big life
3.Cheeky wings
5.Raise the glass
6.In spirit
8.You me and the old hill
9.Just human
11.Artful dodger
12.Unsaved and loverless
13.Falling Down
14.More than an edge
15.the fool
16.Some of us ed
17.Perfect guru's son

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