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VoomHello, are you there?

Voom are back with their unique brand of beautiful songs and pop hits. With a huge back catalogue of demos created over years of jamming and lo-fi experimenting the second album ‘hello, are you there?’ is finally released in New Zealand through Lil Chief Records. The album is a collection of heart-warming love ballads and toe tapping pop gems. A truly unpretentious distinctly kiwi record full of insightful songs about love lost and found. With ‘King Kong’ becoming a well-loved commercial radio hit in 2004 the new single ‘B Your Boy’ is following suit as it soars in the Student/Alternative radio charts.
Voom first formed back in the early 90’s. Buzz Moller and Mac MacCaskill noodled away making music in their basement for years before anyone heard a thing. ‘Relax’ was the first single released to student radio and it became a well-known b net hit. Second single ‘Beth’ soon followed suit. Danny Manetto joined the band on bass and they played many venues around New Zealand and released the highly acclaimed debut album ‘Now I Am Me’ in 1998. Voom shows grew larger and larger; a particular highlight was performing in support of Pulp at the North Shore Events Centre. Ever since the release of ‘Now I Am Me’ Voom fans have been popping up in the most unusual places!? Well finally those fans have got a whole bunch of new material to enjoy.
2005 / 2006 has been was an exciting an interesting time for the band. New music, new record deals and exciting offers from overseas saw the normally dreamy Voom world turned in to a buzzing hive of activity. The band has seen several lineup changes over the years but none as dramatic and successful as the most recent group. Buzz Moller and Nick Buckton have been joined by Murray Fisher and Mike Beehre formerly of Goodshirt. With Goodshirt, one of New Zealand’s most successful pop bands, no-longer functioning as a band Murray and Mike have joined Voom full time and the music has never sounded better!

Track samples can be heard at www.myspace.com/voomnz

1. Beautiful Day
2. B Your Boy
3. Feel
4. Ride Of Your Life
5. King Kong
6. Happy Just Bumming Round
7. Not Even a Dream
8. We're So Lost
9. Let's Go Home
10. I Want My Baby
11. Hello, Are You There?
12. No Real Reality
13. My Friend Satan
14. You Were a Man
15. I'm Leaving Forever
16. I Went To Sleep

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