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At the dawn of the 70sí a pot pourri of accomplished New Zealand musicians at a crossroads in their careers merged their talents in a band named Highway.They were quickly signed to EMI Records and over a 3 day recording session with producer Alan Galbraith in mid 1971 they recorded their self titled album.
The Highway album remained something of an underground legend and a rarity for many years; it was recently featured in Nick Bollingerís book ď100 Essential New Zealand AlbumsĒ.
It was a sublime album, full of nuances and styles ranging from country rock to complex layered progressive pieces and at times frenetic jamming that masterfully resolved itself just as the listener imagined it might end in chaos. Now, nearly 40 years later (2011), the self titled Highway album, an important part of New Zealandís progressive music legacy, is back in print.

As well as the original 7 track album the cd features an extra 2 tracks originally released as a 7" single.
Detailed ten page insert with essays,period photos and posters!

Tracks 1-7 Highway album
1. Listen to the band
2† Daisy
3. A whole lot of everything ...and nothing
4. I only wanted to Rock and Roll
5. New day
6. The ride
7. Smashing

Tracks 8 & 9 Emi single HR431
8. What you're doing to me
9. The time is the time

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