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Head Like a HoleBlood Will Out

11 years after the carnage of a messy rock n roll cliché-filled break-up, the cleared grudges are now forgotten or forgiven and Head Like a Hole have emerged again; older and more hirsute but still able to rock harder than any of the young ones out there.

Booga Beazley, Nigel Regan, Andrew Durno, Mike Franklin-Browne and the addition of Andrew Ashton on guitar, have proved they are back with a vengeance. They have produced their finest work to date... 'Blood Will Out' features 11 tracks of classic stonking rock 'n' roll, an album they proclaim to be their best yet. Ripping guitars, pounding drums, brutal bass and Booga's heart poured out in the way that only he can.

"It's trademark Head Like a Hole, with a heavy, reckless and catchy groove, and Beazley's harrowing howls and growls, and shows just how muscular and potent rock 'n' roll can be."
-Scott Kara, NZ Herald

1. Swagger Of Thieves
2. In A Garden
3. Glory Glory
4. Toe To Toe
5. Valhalla (10,000BC)
6. Death Of A Friend
7. Human Race
8. Monsta-X
9. Hardest Battle (Monsta-Y)
10. Blood Will Out (Monsta-Z)
11. In Articulo Mortis

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