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BetchadupaThe Alphabetchadupa

Neil Finn's son Liam and 3 talented chums present their debut album through Flying Nun.
Rolling Stone- 'they sound much older than 18: they are definitely influenced by the Beatles; and Liam Finn resembles his dad, Neil Finn, whenever he opens his mouth. But don't think Betchadupa is still burning the Crowded House flame. The Alphabetchadupa's well-crafted songlist has something for everyone. They rock out on such songs as the wickedly catchy "Supa Day", while "Filthy McNasty" and "Drop D" toss punkish guitar riffs into the mix. "Lucy's Song", meanwhile, does full justice to Finn's sweet voice.'

1. At Night
2. Supa Day
3. Easy as It Seems
4. Rain
5. Filthy McNasty
6. Life Will Be the Same
7. Feed the Dogs
8. Unused Potatoes
9. Lucy's Song
10. Sleepy News
11. Drop D
12. Other Way

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