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Ghost ClubGhostclubbing

The Ghost Club are:
David Mitchell guitar, vocals
Jim Abbott bass, drums on 1 & 10
Denise Roughan drums, bass on 1 & 10
David Mitchell has been melting down guitar amps since the 80s in many seminal New Zealand bands from Plagal Grind to the Exploding Budgies, Goblin Mix and Chug to the 3Ds.Denise Roughan is also no stranger to live audiences, serving in Look Blue Go Purple and the 3Ds. Flying Nun newcomer Jim Abbott has been grounded in local NZ bands, joining the now-London based Ghost Club full-time.


1.Punch (Your Brother)
2.Precious Blood
3.Cool Air
4.Unterwasser Fotos
5.Diver X
6.Break The Law
7.Howl Of The Duck
8.Late Lamentable Fire
9.Tote Oma
10.Ghost Club Theme Song
11.Tiny Cuts

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