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Laing ,ShonaEssential

Shona Laing started her career in the early seventies,winning talent shows and making numerous TV appearances.She moved to the UK in 1975 ,releasing singles on EMI ,and returned to New Zealand in the early eighties.In 1985 Shona signed to the independent Pagan label.Shona still continues to release new material and released "New On Earth" in 1992 and "Shona" in 1994.This double cd released in 2002 draws from her entire career.

Disc One:
1. American Friends
2. Walk Away (42nd Street)
3. America
4. Soviet Snow
5. Fear Of Falling
6. (Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy
7. White Water
8. Drive Baby Drive
9. Kick Back
10. The Man With The Wild Name
11. Cold Country
12. South
13. Thief To Silver
14. Freeze Frame
15. Caught

Disc Two:
1. Across The Irish Sea
2. I Don't
3. Hey
4. Hard World
5. Welcome To The Whirlwind
6. The Mercy Of Love
7. Highway Warriors
8. Heartless Bones
9. Migrant And Refugee
10. Larger Than Life
11. Heat And Smoke
12. Harmlessness
13. Should Have Been For You
14. Show Your Love
15. 1905

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