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Bathgate ,AlecThe Indifferent Velvet Void

Half of the Tall Dwarfs,Alec began his solo career in 1996 with the album, Gold Lamé,it revealed the more intimate Dwarf in his full glory… "An album of beautifully polished mini-masterpieces… an arranging wizard, assembling songs out of a stunning array of simple parts that fit together like pyramid blocks." (Puncture, US)
"A consummate songwriter, he can craft a melody without an overdose of sentimental, keep it stripped right back and still come up with something so pop-perfect you want to sprint down to the pub and sing it for everyone with your Casiotone on your lap." (Pavement)
The Indifferent Velvet Void (2004) was recorded at Alec's home over 18 months, working mostly on weekends in the family's tiny spare room. The digital recording suite on his personal computer allowed him to build up multiple tracks and indulge his "Phil Spector fantasies". Despite working on an improved recording medium, Alec still worked with fairly limited equipment - two microphones, a smattering of guitars, a cheap keyboard and a few simple percussion instruments. Alec is responsible for all of the instrumentation, engineering and production - with the exception of some additional handclaps and backing vocals supplied by his family. The result is an album that shows both strength as a songwriter and talent as a musician, from the psychedelic overtones of "Slow Fuzz", to the T-Rexisms of "In The Shadows". The album is both existential and introspective, Alec's lyrics range from the absurd, yet unfeigned, "We're all babies suckling on the universe" to social commentary "It is all faked, seamless and hollow" before ending up with the sweet reminder that "Everything starts on a new day".

1. In the Shadows
2. Ebb & Flow
3. We're All Babies
4. Should I Wake Up?
5. Out Of My Head
6. Vitriol
7. Slow Fuzz
8. Slight Return
9. Faked
10. Overundersidewaysdown
11. Broken Cup
12. The Indifferent Velvet Void
13. Fear & Loathing
14. New Day
15. Closing Down

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