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New Zealand Music 1990s to present  

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Clarkson ,Jay: Misericord
Jay Clarkson - Breathing Cage 1991 Misericord

Clarkson ,Jeff: A New Eden
Jeff Clarkson A New Eden 1991 release

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Clarkson ,Jeff: Butterfly
New Age ,Meditation & Relaxation from Jeff Clarkson

Clarkson ,Jeff: Infinite Grace
New Age ,Meditation & Relaxation from Jeff Clarkson

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Clarkson ,Jeff: Openings
Jeff Clarkson Openings 1994 release

Clarkson ,Jeff: Peace & Quiet
New Age ,Meditation & Relaxation from Jeff Clarkson

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Clarkson ,Jeff: Songbird
New Age ,Meditation & Relaxation from Jeff Clarkson

Clay ,Darcy: Jesus I was Evil + Songs for Beethoven
Complete recorded output from DIY rocker Darcy Clay.

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Clean ,the: Mister Pop
2009 album release from the Clean.

Cloudboy: Down at the end of the garden
Former Mink members.

See also Lloyd ,Demarnia - Set upon a curve

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